Dove - What Were You Thinking?

Dove - What Were You Thinking?

As a beauty product lover, I routinely look at magazines and online outlets to see what is new and seeing ads from companies is part of accessing online information. Well, this morning I came across an ad by Dove that made me pause. See the photo below:


I had to look at the ad several times to ensure I wasn't missing the point - was I seeing what I thought I was seeing?? The ad included several images of "before and after" scenes that imply that the woman of color is the "before" in the photo! (insert wide eye emoji here!) Dove apparently got wind of all the responses and posted a Twitter apology:


So my first thought, as I currently work closely with the Marketing Department in my career, is who thought this genius idea was great - great enough to spend money, time, and effort to produce and publish?? A team apparently got together, created story boards, presented to a committee possibly for approval, had a photo shoot, edited the photos, and published and no one said anything? And if anyone did say anything, their concerns were not heard? This is all very interesting to me and in Dove's own words, they definitely "missed the mark" with this ad and will be missing future revenue as well as consumers will be seeking other companies to purchase from. 

Dove, I was rooting for you with the #realbeauty campaign! That campaign was amazing. I doubt you ran this new idea by Shonda Rhimes! Maybe you should consider doing so in the future. 

What are your thoughts beauties? Please share.