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3 Reasons to Invest in Quality Makeup Brushes

Christa Lee2 Comments
3 Reasons to Invest in Quality Makeup Brushes

There are many tools you can use to apply your makeup; however, applying makeup with brushes is the most common. Most makeup brands sell brushes and the prices range from $1 to well over $100 per brush. The most important thing to consider when buying brushes is the quality of the tool. Higher quality brushes will last for many years and also help you create the look you want when applying your makeup. 

In my many years of using makeup, I have purchased dozens of brushes. My favorites aren't always expensive either which may be surprising. You don't need to spend a car note on a brush for it to last, but buying a good brush is worth the investment. 

The 3 reasons you should invest in quality makeup brushes are:

  1. The brush will last for years! When it comes to craftsmenship, you get what you pay for. Handmade brushes generally are higher quality and have less shedding and bleeding as the brushes are constructed by hand compared to laser cutting by a machine. Higher quality fibers used also tend to last longer than an inexpensive fiber. Think of your clothes: knit clothes with a tighter weave (i.e., St. John knits) last much longer than an inexpensive knit (i.e., knit skirt from Old Navy). Both look good; however, over time, a tighter woven knit will withstand wear and washing much longer than it's inexpensive counterpart.  
  2. High quality hairs are softer on the skin! High quality fibers tend to be softer on the skin. True enough there are soft synthetic brushes but if you have a high quality Japenese brush and you compare it to your less expensive Elf brush, you will feel the difference. Also the cutting techniques affect the feel of brushes. 
  3. You will save money in the long run! I've spent around $40 for a stippling brush from MAC and I also have a stippling brush from Borghese that was less than $10. I have had both for some time and I like using both but because the MAC brush is made of natural fibers, not only does my makeup blend better and I use less product, the fibers are still tight after multiple washes whereas the less expensive brush is starting to lose it's shape and fray.
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I hope this tip is helpful and you will consider quality over quantity. You will save in the long run! 

What are your favorite brands? What is the most you have spent on 1 brush? Please share! Until next time...