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The Benefits of Facial Steaming

Christa Lee2 Comments
The Benefits of Facial Steaming

Steaming the face and skin has been a beauty regime since the biblical days. Egyptians used steam and herbs as beautification practices that still work today. Spa Owners understand the power of facial steaming as well. "I struggled with acne for a really long time, and I found that normal exfoliators were really abrasive," says Annie Tevelin, the founder of the skin-care brand Skin Owl (she's also a trained cosmetic chemist). "Through my research, I found that when you heat the skin and steam it, that acts as an enzymatic exfoliator," she says.

One of the major benefits of facial steaming is cleansing of the pores. No matter how old you are, clogged pores can cause breakouts! Clogged pores can also cause acne, infection, and skin irritations. Steaming causes your pores to open and release dirt and debris. By opening the pores, you are able to get a deep cleansing and your products are able to absorb much better.

Giving yourself a steam facial at home is very simple and one of my favorite beauty tools is my portable steamer. The steamer I have was a gift; however, you can find one easily online (search facial steamer). If you do not have a steamer, you can also place hot water in a bowl but please be very careful!

You should wash your face first and pull your hair away from your face. Next, sit comfortably with your face over the steam and place a towel over your head. The towel traps all the steam and you should be able to breathe easily. If the steam is too hot or you have trouble breathing, move your face away from the steam until you are comfortable.

You should steam for 10-15 minutes. After steaming, you can use a gentle scrub or mask to further pull the debris out your pores. Once you rinse the mask and/or scrub, splash your face with cool water. The cool water will close the pores.

Final tips: Never tug at your skin. Tugging will harm your skin’s elasticity. Also, for extra aromatherapy and healing benefits, place a few drops of essential oil in your water to steam such as Peppermint or Tea Tree Oil.

I hope this technique is helpful to you. Do you all steam your face? Please share. 

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